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Halloween Books

Wait... this is not food!

I love Halloween. Always have. It is the only holiday that has stood the test of time for me. As a kid: FREE CANDY! As a teen: free candy and it is the flirtiest holiday by far. College/young adult: even more flirty and an excuse to drink in a costume instead of my regular cloths. Adult: trick or treat, decorating the house with gore (any other time of the year that seems inappropriate). And of course I have always loved horror/monster movies and this is the time they are sale!

So today we are going to do something a little different. This is supposed to be a domestic blog, I should occasionally talk about something other than cooking right?

The wifey and I are readers. While I am a fucking casual compared to her, it is something we both enjoy. Since we both enjoy it, we damn well intend to brain wash the little one into liking it too. What is the point of having a little one if you cannot manipulate them into thinking like you?

So today I am going to give my commentary on some books for babies/small child that are Halloween themed. We will review based on key factors: is it Halloween worthy, age range, does it have a story, art quality, and rhyming. Then I'll follow with my, oh so insightful, commentary.

Not Actually Halloween worthy books, that you might think are Halloween worthy:

A Day With Monster 2/5
Age recommendation per Amazon: undefined (as young as you want IMHO)
Does it have a story: No
Art quality: NA (if I were to these call photos of a felt "monster" art, it would be an insult to the talented illustrators of some of these other books)
Does it rhyme: No

Replace the word monster with rabbit, dog, or three toed sloth and the book would not change. Hence not Halloweeny. 

Also this book just describes a typically adult day (except instead of sitting on your ass watching TV for an hour, it is “play music with friends” or something along those lines). My child will have to face the monotonous horror that is professional life in due time. There’s no need to subject him to it any earlier than necessary.

Maybe that monotonous horror does make it scary enough for Halloween...

Also I have to include the wifey's two cents: she loves this one. But she married me, so her taste is questionable at best.

Little Owl's Night 3/5

Age recommendation per Amazon: undefined (as young as you want IMHO)
Does it have a story: Ish
Art quality: Solid, high contrast stuff
Does it rhyme: No

A young owl learns about what the creatures of the forest do at night. I enjoyed the art, but the lack of a solid narrative kind of let me down.

It is not Halloween themed, so much as night themed. 

Now if those beavers were gnawing on your face, maybe then it would  Halloween  worthy.

Halloween worthy books:

One, Two... Boo! 1/5

Age recommendation per Amazonundefined (as young as you want IMHO)
Does it have a story: No
Art quality: fine
Does it rhyme: No

I know this is just a counting book with "windows". This is a waste of cardboard in my book. I will not dignify it with further commentary.

Runaway Mummy 3/5

Age recommendation per Amazon3 - 5 years
Does it have a story: Yes
Art quality: Amaz-balls awesome
Does it rhyme: No

This is a parody of another book that I have not read. It suffers for that. I would probably give this book two, but the art is some of the best I have seen in children's books Halloween or not. 

The story is a young mummy describing the things he will do to run away from his mother. She then counters with how she will still love him in the situation. Spoiler: his final form is suburban life and his mother is horrified. I am not sure if that is a message I love sharing.

Why does the wifey keep saying I am going to give the little one nightmares?

Ten Timid Ghosts: 4/5

Age recommendation per Amazon4 - 8 years
Does it have a story: Yes
Art quality: unremarkable, looks like a Scholastic book (which it is)
Does it rhyme: Yes

Ten ghosts battle a witch for ownership of a house? Now that is a Halloween book! 

I am no early childhood education expert, but this was a pretty simply book. 4-8 years seems high in my opinion.

Goodnight Goon 4/5

Age recommendation per Amazon1 - 3 years
Does it have a story: Ish
Art quality: fun, cartoony monstery, a good match to the story.
Does it rhyme: Yes

This is my go to read. It is short, but it is more than a handful of words describing things (See A Day With Monster). 
This is a parody of Goodnight Moon, but it works as a stand a lone. A little werewolf monster is saying goodnight to everything in his house, while a pesky goon wrecks the place. 

Aside: I thought goon was an offensive term for a someone or another. Five seconds on Google got me nothing though, so I guess I am wrong.

Room on the Broom 5/5
Age recommendation per Amazon3 - 7 years
Does it have a story: Yes
Art quality: Good
Does it rhyme: Yes

A solid read. A witch flies around dropping stuff and making friends in the process. Her friends then help her overcome a problem in a compelling climax!

Creepy Carrots! 5/5

Age recommendation per Amazon4 - 8 years
Does it have a story: Yes
Art quality: Awesome. Perfect for Halloween.
Does it rhyme: No

This is my personal favorite! This is in glorious black and white except for the monsters, ie carrots. This is also arguably the best story among these books. There is plot and development and such. That (in my experience) is in short supply in children's books.

A rabbit is convinced that the carrots he eats everyday are out for revenge. Are they really? Is it just his imagination? Find out in this excellent book!

Cute AND creepy? I will take it!

In conclusion, I hope my detour from the usual was at least mildly interesting. I am already working on a post for my favorite turkey recipe, so I we be back on food before you know it!

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